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LLC «VITAPOLIS» assembly of first production line was started in 2014 at production facilities in Boyarka, Kyiv region. Manufacture of the commercial wires was launched in July, 2015. Welding wires were assigned with the registered trade mark HORDA®. Preparation of production, assembly of equipment and mastering of production technology was carried out by the graduates of the Welding Department of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, who have acquired experience at the Paton Electric Welding Institute and at welding consumables productions. 

A production scheme  and equipment were selected taking into account the maximum requirements of current Customers to finished wire properties and corresponding to the norms of European and American standards as well as considering production power efficiency and minimizing its harmful effect on environment.   

Quality control of used for production wire rods as well as testing of finished products are carried out in own certified laboratory equipped with the devices and test equipment for chemical analysis, mechanical tests and welding-technological tests.

            The production scheme covers wires for welding of carbon and low-carbon steels, high-strength steels, stainless and heat-resistant steels and amour steels. The products are made on modern European equipment. HORDA® wires are supplied in accordance with EN, ISO, AWS and GOST standards and following the special technical assignments of the Customers. Solid wires are produced in 0.8 - 4.0 mm diameter in BS200, BS300, K415 spools with precision winding.  Also there is a production of rods 1,6 – 3,2 mm diameter for tungsten arc welding. All of products are packed according to EN ISO 544 standard.  For robotic complexes we propose 0.6 - 1.2 mm diameter wire in branded package «DizhkaPack» of 200, 250 or 500 kg weight. Wires of 2.0 mm diameter and more can be supplied in bundles of up to 1 t weight.    

            In production we use only certified raw materials, which are bought from the suppliers audited by our technical specialists.

          Production Quality Management System corresponds to ISO 9001 and is certified by DVS Zert Center. «VITAPOLIS» Company has got a right to mark HORDA® wires with  mark CЄ after corresponding qualification tests and TÜV RHEINLAND audit. Welding wires HORDA® were tested and got PATON-CERT certificates. All welding wires produced by LLC «VITAPOLIS» have UkrSEPRO conformity certificates.  

            «VITAPOLIS» Company producing HORDA® wires and rods tries to make its products a benchmark of quality among Ukrainian welding wires and applies all efforts necessary for this.  

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