ISO 14341-A: G 46 2 M21 2Mo
AWS A5.18: ER 70S-A1
ГОСТ 2246-70: (Св-08ГСМТ)

Non-copper-plated welding wire alloyed with 0.5% Mo dual purpose. Designed for welding products from structural low-alloy steels with a yield strength of up to 460 MPa, and is used in shipbuilding and chemical engineering. The second purpose is welding of boiler steels in the manufacture of pressure vessels, boilers, etc. Recommended operating temperatures: -45*C + 530*C.

Typical chemical composition

% by weight C Si Mn P S Mo
Wire Composition  0,091 0,57 1,03 0,005 0,013 0,49

Typical mechanical properties all weld metal

Yield strength R0, N/mm2 (MPa) 464(≥420)
Tensile strength Rm, N/mm2 (MPa) 625 (500-640)
Elongation A( L0 = 5d0) 20
Impact work ISO V  KV, J +20⁰ С 114 ( ≥ 90)
          - 20⁰ С 71

Available diameters and packaging

  0,8мм 1,0мм 1,2мм 1,6мм
Coil BS200 5kgг - x х -
Coil BS300 15-18kg - x х х